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Dear users, in this article, in order to familiarize you with Hajj and Umrah practices, we have collected materials about steps of Ihram that we hope will be useful for you.

Getting to know Hajj practices: steps of Ihram

in the name of God

Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds, and may peace and blessings be upon Muhammad and his family, and the curse of God be upon their enemies until the day of resurrection.

Hajj – Every person who is eligible, that is, who has the conditions for Hajj to be obligatory, must perform Hajj once in his entire life, that is, go to Mecca, and perform the actions that have been ordered.

Before starting Hajj, a person should know its actions briefly, and whoever does not know that if he intends to perform Hajj during the time of Ihram, that he will perform Hajj in order to fulfill the order of God, the Almighty, then he should do whatever is necessary after he is engaged in the Hajj, such as the intention If he completes the deed according to the treatise (Resaleh) he has or the mujtahid or scholar who is with him, his deed is correct.

steps of Ihram

Hajj Umrah Tamattu

A person whose duty is Hajj Tamattu, must perform Umrah Tamattu before Hajj, and the acts of Hajj Umrah are five things:

▪ First steps of Ihram: Ihram.

▪ Second steps of Ihram: going-about(tawaf) of the Kaaba.

▪ Third steps of Ihram: two rakats of Tawaf prayer.

▪ Fourth steps of Ihram: Sa’i between Safa and Marwah.

▪ Fifth steps of Ihram: The fault (Taqsir), the provisions of these will be explained in detail.

A) Ihram

– (Issue 1) Those who want to perform Hajj, when they reach Miqat, they must become Muhrim, and there are five Miqats:

▪ First steps of Ihram: Jafah and that Miqat is for those who go to Makkah from Sham to perform Hajj.

▪ Second steps of Ihram: The Shajara Mosque and this Miqat are for those who go to Makkah to perform Hajj via Madinah Al-Munawrah, and if it is not possible there, they can become Muhrim in Jafah.

▪ Third steps of Ihram: Wadi Aqiq and that miqat are those who go to Makkah from Najd and Iraq, and the first part of this valley is called Maslak, and the second part is called Umrah, and the third part is called Zat Irq.

And when he is sure that has arrived to Aqiq, it is better to become muhrim in the first part of it, i.e. in the slaughterhouse, and if he is not sure, due to the obligatory precaution, he should delay the ihram to make sure that the has arrived to Aqiq, and after he is sure, before reaching the third part of the wadi, he should be muhrim.

Qarn al Manazil (steps of ihram)

▪ Fourth: Qarn al-Manazil and that miqat is for those whose way is from Taif.

qarn al manazil

▪ Fifth: Yalmlam and that miqat is for those who go to Makkah from Yemen to perform Hajj.

– (Issue 2) If a person’s house is closer to Mecca than some of the miqats mentioned in the previous question, then his miqatah is his house.

– (Issue 3) If he goes through a road that does not pass any of the five miqats, when he comes across one of them, he must become Muhrim, so those who go to Makkah from Madinah and do not pass through the Shajara Mosque, if possible, become Muhrim in front of the mosque. .

– (Issue 4) A person who cannot be sure that he has reached one of the five miqats, if he is sure from the words of those who know, that he has reached one of them, he can become Muhrim.

– (Issue 5) If he vows to become Muhrim in a certain place before reaching Miqat, and to fulfill the vow (nazr), it is sufficient to become Muhrim there.

Vow to wear Ihram from Jeddah

(Issue 6) A person who goes to Makkah by plane and lands in Jeddah and does not want to go to Medina can become Muhrim from Old Jeddah, but he should also make a vow to wear Ihram from Jeddah and if he makes a vow there no longer any need to renew the Ihram upon arriving in front of Jedah and where flags of shrine are visible.

steps of Ihram

– (Issue 7) junun (ritually impure) or a woman who is menstruating or has lochia can become muhrim, but if she wants to become muhrim from the Shajara mosque or the Jufa mosque, he or she must stand outside the mosque so that her shoulder is facing the mosque, then become muhrim.

(Issue 8) If, due to forgetfulness or some other excuse, he does not become muhrim in the miqat, after he remembers or the excuse is removed, he must return to the miqat and become muhrim.  If he cannot return if he entered the shrine he should go out the shrine and become muhrim and regarding the ignorant person who was aware of his ignorance and nevertheless didn’t become muhrim in miqat, and it is impossible to return to miqat, the obligatory precaution is that go farthest possible from shrine and become muhrim. But if he didn’t enter shrine or can’t go out of shrine, whenever he remembered or his excuse went away, he can become muhrim.

– (Issue 9) If he forgets or does not know the issue of muhrim and remembers it after completing the umrah, his umrah is valid.

Obligations of Ihram (steps of Ihram)

The obligations of Ihram are three things:

▪ First: wearing Ihram clothes.

▪ Second: intention.

▪ Third: saying labaik in detail which will be explained later.

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1) Wearing Ihram clothes (steps of Ihram)

– (Issue 10) Before the intention of Ihram, a person should wear Ihram clothes, that is, he should tie a cloth that covers from the navel to the knees, and throw another cloth that covers the shoulders.

(Issue 11) The cloth that covers from the navel to the knee should be thick enough that the skin of the body cannot be seen from under it.

– (Issue 12) Ihram clothing should be in such a way that it is correct to pray with it, so it is not correct to become ihram with impure clothes and pure silk and clothes made from animal parts with forbidden meat.

ihram clothes women

– (Issue 13) If there is impurity such as blood from a wound, injury, and abscess, which is correct to pray with, in Ihram clothes, there is no problem.

(Issue 14) A person who has become muhrim, if his clothes become impure according to obligatory precaution, he must wash them or replace them, but if his body becomes impure, it is not necessary to wash it immediately, although it is recommended to rinse it immediately too.

– (Issue 15) A woman’s Ihram clothes should not be made of pure silk, and it is important that her other clothes are not made of pure silk either.

– (Issue 16) As a necessary precaution, Ihram clothing should be woven and not made of skin or something like felt.

steps of Ihram

2) Intention (steps of Ihram)

After putting on Ihram clothes, he should make a decision to pay attention to Makkah and to perform Umrah and Hajj, in order to fulfill the command of Allah Almighty, he should leave the things that are forbidden to him during Umrah.

3) Saying Labaik (steps of Ihram)

(Problem 17) After the intention, he should say:

“At your service, O God, at your service, at your service, you have no peer with you. Indeed, praise and blessings are yours and dominion, you have no peer with you.” This should be said in its original Arabic.

It is a recommended precaution to say “Labik” one more time after “Lashrik Lek”.

steps of Ihram , saying labbaik

(Issue 18) A person who doesn’t know how to speak Arabic should learn or read with the help of someone else, and if that is not possible, he should read it as best he can and translate it into other language and get someone else to read it correctly on his behalf.

There is nothing wrong with swimming in clear water.

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