The miqat for umrah

miqat for umrah

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The Miqat, or designated locations for wearing Ihram, plays a crucial role in the pilgrimage journey, specifically for Umrah. These locations mark the points where pilgrims enter the sacred state of Ihram, a prerequisite for entering Mecca. Here we introduce you the miqat for umrah. Let’s explore the significance of some of these Miqats:

miqat for umrah :Masjid Shajarah

Masjid Shajarah is one of the significant mosques outside Medina and holds great importance as one of the Miqats (designated locations for wearing Ihram) and Haram mosques. Those intending to enter the revered city of Mecca and perform the pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba, whether residents or travelers, are not permitted to enter without assuming the state of Ihram.

miqat for umrah

miqat for umrah: Juhfah

Juhfah is a location along the road from Medina to Mecca, approximately 180 kilometers northwest of Mecca. It is slightly off the main highway and serves as a Miqat for pilgrims traveling overland from Egypt, North Africa, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, as well as for those passing through this area. Visitors from Iran and other countries arriving at Jeddah Airport, who do not intend to visit Medina, can assume the state of Ihram at this location. There is a mosque in Juhfah where pilgrims can enter into the state of Ihram.

miqat for umrah: Wadi Aqiq

Wadi Aqiq is situated in the north of Mecca, approximately 94 kilometers away from the city. It serves as a Miqat for pilgrims coming from Iraq and Najd. This Miqat has three sections known as Maslakh, Ghumrah, and Zat ‘Irq. Although it is preferable to assume Ihram in the first section called Maslakh, pilgrims have the option to enter into the state of Ihram in any of the three sections.

miqat for umrah

miqat for umrah: Qarn al-Manazil

Qarn al-Manazil is one of the stops and regions along the route of pilgrims from Ta’if heading towards Nakhlah Yaminiah. In its rituals, Harbi mentions the “Ta’if Road” as follows:

“This road begins from Arafat, leading to a mountain called ‘Kara,’ overlooking a rocky area called ‘Hada’ with abundant herbage. It extends from Hada to Ta’if. Ta’if has another road that passes through the area of ‘Zaymah,’ separates from ‘Mushash,’ and leads to ‘Qarn al-Manazil.’ This is the place that the Prophet (peace be upon him) designated as the Miqat for the people of Najd and said: ‘The people of Najd assume Ihram from Qarn.’ This road extends from Qarn al-Manazil to Ta’if… This journey takes three days, and the first route is completed in two days.”

miqat for umrah


Yalamlam is the name of a hill located in the southwest region of Mecca, approximately 84 kilometers away. This location serves as a Miqat for pilgrims coming from the southern regions of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Yemen, en route to Mecca.

Miqats in Mecca

The city of Makkah is suitable for Hajj. This means that pilgrims wear Ihram, which is the first act to go to Arafat after performing Umrah from Mecca. There is no difference between the different places of Makkah to become Muhrim. Pilgrims can become Muhrim anywhere in this city. Today, Makkah has developed and this development has even passed the Taneem Mosque, which is the closest forbidden area.

Duwayrat ul Ahl

The miqat for umrah of people whose house is closer to the shrine than the miqat, their own house is the miqat, but it is better that they go to another miqat and become Muhrim.


Jaarana is a place at the end of the Haram between Taif and Makkah, and the people of Makkah and those who have lived in this place for two years or more, should wear Ihram clothes in this place as a precaution. it is considered as one of the miqat for umrah. Pilgrims who do not pass through one of these miqats can become Muhrim when they reach parallel to one of the miqats.

There is no difference between the places that are parallel to the miqat for umrah, the desert or the sea or the air; Therefore, if a pilgrim is on a plane and passes through a place parallel to the Miqats, he can become Muhrim at that place and say Labaik immediately.

miqat for umrah

Adna al-Hal

Adna al-Hal means the first point outside the shrine and this is the miqat for umrah of people who perform their Umrah.

It is better for the pilgrims to become Muhrim in one of these three places:

Hudaybiyyah or Jaaranah or Taneem, which is famous among the people of Mecca for single Umrah. Those who go to Makkah from Jeddah for Umrah can become Muhrim in Hudaybiyah, which is 17 km away from Makkah and is the farthest border of Makkah.

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Concluding remark

In conclusion, the Miqats serve as pivotal points in the pilgrimage journey, particularly for those embarking on the sacred Umrah pilgrimage. These miqat for umrah, including Masjid Shajarah, Juhfah, Wadi Aqiq, Qarn al-Manazil, and Yalamlam, hold great significance as starting points for assuming the state of Ihram. Pilgrims, whether from neighboring regions or distant lands, converge at these Miqats to spiritually prepare themselves for the revered city of Mecca. The adherence to these Miqats not only fulfills a religious obligation but also symbolizes the unity of Muslims from diverse locations, all converging with a shared purpose of devotion and worship. As pilgrims embark on their spiritual journey, these miqat for umrah become symbolic thresholds, marking the beginning of a sacred and transformative experience that culminates in the fulfillment of Umrah rituals in the Holy Kaaba.

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