Top 9 best food in madinah

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Medinah is a wonderful city in Saudi Arabia and a spiritual city for Muslims of all around the world. Many pilgrims come to see mosque of Prophet throughout the year. Those dear pilgrims that chose to not eat the meals of Umrah packages may want to enjoy the best food in Madinah. From delicious local Medinah dishes to international dishes, we introduce you top 9 restaurants in Medinah.

best food in madinah
best food in madinah

1.   Town Pour

A renowned restaurant in Madinah is celebrated for its laid-back ambiance, delicious cuisine, and extensive menu. Town Pour provides a comfortable setting for socializing with friends and colleagues, featuring a variety of both local and international dishes and an array of beverage choices, including cocktails and appetizers.

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One of their standout offerings is the wood-fired pizza, which comes in various flavors and is adorned with gourmet toppings. In addition to pizza, Town Pour presents a diverse selection of dishes such as pasta, burgers, salads, sandwiches, and seafood. For those seeking breakfast options, the menu also includes tasty choices like waffles and crepes.

Top 9 Restaurants in Madinah
best food in madinah

2.   Swiss House: best food in madinah

Swiss House stands out as other noteworthy Restaurants in Madinah, delivering delightful dishes and exceptional service. For food enthusiasts seeking a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Swiss House is a must-try. The restaurant provides comfortable seating options, both indoors and on rooftop terraces, creating a well-furnished space with a delightful ambiance and a touch of Swiss decor—ideal for savoring a delicious meal.

True to its name, Swiss House boasts an extensive menu featuring a variety of Swiss dishes, including indulgent cheesy fondues, crispy schnitzel, creamy rosti, and an array of other Swiss and European delights. To conclude the culinary experience on a sweet note, the restaurant offers mouth-watering desserts such as chocolate mousse, apple strudel, and cheesecake.

3.   Al Baik Restaurant: best food in Madinah

One of the cheapest restaurants in Madinah is Albaik Restaurant. The food of this restaurant is take-away and you can get all kinds of delicious fried foods and fast foods in the shortest time after ordering. Also, this restaurant is famous among locals and tourists due to its high quality and good service. One should say Albaik restaurant is a chain restaurant in Saudi Arabia whose headquarters is in Jeddah and is very famous all across the country.

4.   Arabesque Restaurant: best food in madinah

Arabesque restaurant is one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants in Medina. You can enjoy a variety of Mediterranean, Asian, or East Asian dishes in this restaurant. This restaurant with a very beautiful decoration is very suitable for friendly and family gatherings.

arabesque restaurant Top 9 best food in madinah touran travel agency
best food in madinah

5.   Hardee’s: best food in Madinah

Hardee’s is one of the most famous American restaurant chains in the Middle East, the Medina branch is distinguished by its proximity to the Prophet’s Mosque, just steps away, and offers many popular meals for the whole family, including burgers and chicken sandwiches. One of its most important features is that its prices are affordable for everyone.

best food in madinah
best food in madinah

6. Al Tazaj Restaurant: best food in Madinah

One of the most distinguished Saudi food chains, offering a large number of varieties, and fresh and healthy fast food, as all the poultry used comes fresh from their farms in the Kingdom. The chicken is cooked in innovative ways in the Arabic and Eastern styles.

7. Steak House restaurant: Restaurants in Madinah

The restaurant offers distinctive steak dishes in many cooking methods, in addition to many varieties that suit the tastes of most family members. It is considered one of the best restaurants in Medina for eating steak and meat. In addition to the distinctive flavors it offers, the restaurant’s staff provides wonderful service, which contributed to the Steak House receiving the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Award (SETA) four times in a row, and it is the only restaurant in the Kingdom that has won it multiple times.

8. Indian Palace Restaurant

It is the one favorite restaurants in Madinah for Indian food lovers in Medina, as the restaurant serves various Indian restaurant dishes at the hands of experienced Indian chefs using the best fresh Indian spices. The restaurant is located on the ring road after Al Rashid Mega Mall.

9. Hat Chinese Restaurant

One of the best Chinese restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the branch of Restaurants in Madinah consists of 5 floors containing dining areas designated for families and others and the interior décor is characterized by its distinctive Chinese style. It serves many famous Chinese dishes that everyone loves and is one of the most popular restaurants on social media.

Restaurants with the highest ratings

It is one of the oldest and most important family restaurants in Medina. The restaurant is distinguished by a wonderful location close to every place in the city on Sultana Road. It is one of the first restaurants to introduce the idea of outdoor seating on a lively street in the city, in addition to the décor of internal waterfalls. One of the most important reasons for its high rating from its visitors is the general cleanliness and its employees’ commitment to hospitality etiquette. Swiss offers a variety of international American, Mexican, and Arabic dishes, in addition to seafood and distinctive desserts. It is also distinguished by serving dishes in large and filling quantities.

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