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Nestled amidst the pilgrimage hub of Mecca lies a mekka restaurants as diverse as its visitors. From iconic restaurants with panoramic views of the Holy Mosque to charming family-owned gems, the top restaurants in Mecca promise an unforgettable dining experience. Join us as we explore the top 10 restaurants of Mekka.

Millions of Umrah pilgrims, and visitors to the Holy House of God gather annually to Mecca to perform rituals or sometimes to work, making Mecca considered one of the most touristic cities that includes restaurants to suit the tastes of all visitors to the city. The city has hundreds of well-known international restaurants, including fast food chains and international cuisines such as Asian, Egyptian, Indian, Pakistani, and others. Below we review the top 10 restaurants that received the highest ratings from their visitors.

Restaurants near the Kaaba and the Haram

The Grand Mosque is surrounded by many commercial centers and hotels, which contain many different restaurants that suit all people in terms of variety in food and prices.

We will mention the most distinctive places that you should not miss visiting:

Al Qasr Restaurant: top 10 restaurants of Mekka

The restaurant is located in Abraj Al Bait, close to the Haram, and has a distinctive view of the Holy Mosque. The restaurant is a family restaurant and serves a variety of dishes from Egyptian, Indian and Asian cuisine, in addition to seafood. The restaurant serves breakfast from three in the morning, and its prices are average. It is characterized by a family atmosphere and a service staff of the highest level.

al qasr restaurant
restaurants of Mekka

Al Shorfa Restaurant: top 10 restaurants of Mekka

This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Mecca and is also located in Abraj Al Bait. The restaurant has outdoor seating with a wonderful panoramic view of the Holy Mosque in Mecca from the side of King Abdul Aziz Gate, which increases the uniqueness of the place and makes visitors feel psychologically comfortable. The restaurant also contains areas designated for families, which are very private. The restaurant offers many oriental dishes and delicious medium grills. The restaurant operates 24 hours a day to serve visitors to Bait Al-Rahman.

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Top 10 restaurants of Mekka
restaurants of Mekka

Al Waha Restaurant: top 10 restaurants of Mekka

Al Waha Restaurant is one of the oldest and most prestigious restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a Turkish kitchen that has been serving the masterpieces of Turkish food for more than 20 years in the Kingdom. The Makkah branch is located in the Jabal Omar area, less than a kilometer from the Grand Mosque. The restaurant starts operating at 11am and features a special dinner buffet. The restaurant also has a luxurious atmosphere and great service from the staff, in addition to a separate area for families. Al Waha Restaurant is one of the highest rated restaurants in Mecca.

International and local fast food restaurants

Many people prefer to eat fast food and quickly return to worship, and the quality of these restaurants is often known and guaranteed to customers and visitors due to their spread in many countries, which makes it easier for the visitor to choose a suitable restaurant. The most important thing that distinguishes these restaurants is their prices, which are completely suitable for most people. The following are the most important and famous restaurants:

albaik restaurant

It is the most famous chain of Saudi restaurants ever, and people flock to visit and eat there because of its different and distinctive flavours. The Makkah branch is located on the Grand Mosque Road and operates from seven in the morning and is always very crowded due to its quality, price and cleanliness. Al Baik is famous for serving broasted chicken with its own secret recipe, in addition to a variety of meals ranging from boneless to seafood. Despite the intense crowding all the time, the staff provides excellent and quick service to ensure that no visitors are disturbed.

mekka restaurant
restaurants of Mekka

            Al Tazaj Restaurant

It is also one of the most famous restaurant chains in Saudi Arabia, which is famous for serving freshly slaughtered grilled chicken directly from their farms. The closest branch to Al-Haram is located in Mecca Towers, just steps away from the Grand Mosque, and is characterized by fast service in providing various hot meals to visitors with high quality and reasonable prices. Perhaps one of its most famous dishes is grilled chicken and kabsa, in addition to many distinctive oriental dishes.

tazaj Top 10 restaurants of Mekka touran travel agency
restaurants of Mekka

Food Court – Food Court

The famous clock tower, which is the closest place to the Grand Mosque, contains a three-storey commercial mall, which contains a huge food court – the Food Court – which includes most of the local and Western international restaurants, including burger and pizza restaurants, Asian, Indian and Pakistani restaurants, in addition to cafes and sweet shops. It is a Mekka restaurant you should see.

Hidden gems: mekka restaurant

One of the most famous Arabic proverbs is “The people of Mecca know best its paths,” meaning they know its roads. Therefore, in addition to everything we mentioned previously in this article, there are many small local restaurants that only the people of Mecca know and frequent them regularly. These restaurants offer many delicious local meals in addition to popular dishes, and they are among the cheapest restaurants, as they enjoy low prices for the amount of food. We will share with you the most distinguished restaurants.

Mutabaq Abdullah Al Sindi Restaurant: mekka restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in Mecca, having been serving delicious mutabbaq pies for more than sixty years. Mutabbaq is a type of pie that contains meat, vegetables, and eggs. It is considered a complete meal at a low price and is one of the favorite dishes of local residents. The restaurant also offers many salty and sweet options.

sindi Top 10 restaurants of Mekka touran travel agency
restaurants of Mekka

Ben Ali Restaurants

One of the most famous local restaurants of Mekka that serves barbecue, which is famous for a distinctive type of kebab, which is the grated kebab, which is a kebab made from camel meat and served with tahini. It also serves chicken dishes, beef grills and other lamb dishes to suit all tastes. One of its most important features is its cheap price, as the price of a meal per person ranges between 10 and 15 Saudi riyals.

ben ali Top 10 restaurants of Mekka touran travel agency
restaurants of Mekka

Areika Al-Qasim: mekka restaurant

Areka is one of the famous local breakfast dishes in Saudi Arabia. It is a pie mixed with honey, cream, and dates. Areika Al-Qasim Restaurant is one of the best mekka restaurant where you can try Areka, but you must go early as it is very crowded due to the quality of Areka and the presence of only two branches.

Al Qarmoshi Restaurants

One of the oldest popular breakfast restaurants of Mekka in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has several branches in Mecca. The restaurant offers many famous popular dishes such as fava beans and tamis, which is Afghan bread baked in a tandoor oven, in addition to areca and fattah.

Finally, although visiting the Holy Lands is not to try new food, performing rituals requires good energy, and therefore we always recommend eating 3 good and healthy meals, and there is no objection to trying new foods and learning about different cultures.

Last word

We introduced you top 10 restaurants of Mekka . In the heart of Mecca, hidden from the tourist gaze, lie culinary treasures known only to locals. From Mutabaq Abdullah Al Sindi’s timeless pies to Ben Ali’s camel meat kebabs, these eateries offer authentic flavors at humble prices, These hidden gems invite both nourishment and cultural immersion.

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