The 10 Iraq shopping centers you should go in 2024

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Iraq is full of markets and shopping centers that cover all tastes, selling both ordinary and consumer goods, as well as traditional handicrafts, as well as large and modern goods in addition to the traditional market. In this way, the needs of all locals and foreign tourists are met. These centers provide a variety of services, such as Iraqi and international shops and restaurants, as well as recreational places and rest areas and cafes, where you can spend the day and time and always have fun. So if you want to come to Iraq, you should know these shopping centers and buy your various needs from them, and below is a collection of the best Iraq shopping centers.

Iraqi shopping center
Iraqi shopping center

Family shopping center or family mall

Family Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Erbil, and this center is on a street leading to Dohuk city, and its area is approximately 43 thousand square meters, and it has 109 stalls and several cafes of different types. It has a huge glass dome. And this dome adds to the modern color and splendor of this complex. It also has an underground parking lot. It contains international brands, but also has traditional stalls, such as Abdul Samad Al-Qorashi perfume shop, or the world brand LC Waikiki for clothing, Redtag and Flormar brands, etc. Also, the city has a family fun game that provides entertainment for all ages and age groups.

Town Center: Iraq shopping centers

This Iraq shopping center is located in the city of Baghdad and in Al-Mansour neighborhood. Its area reaches around 15 thousand square meters and consists of 6 floors with an area of ​​2 thousand square meters for each floor, and it includes the largest and tallest glass sphere in Iraq, which is built on the exterior of the mall, and the height of this sphere is around 30 meters from the ground and its area is 470 square meters. And it consists of a two-story restaurant and includes several booths, restaurants, cafes, game halls, and cinemas, and contains a parking lot that accommodates 200 cars.

Al Mansour Shopping Center

Al-Mansour Mall or Al-Mansour Mall in Baghdad is again located in Al-Mansour neighborhood and is one of the largest Iraq shopping centers in Baghdad and has an area of ​​32,000 square meters and has 4 floors and contains more than 170 shops. It has various global brands and has boutiques and electrical appliances shops, and restaurants and cafeterias, and also has a parking lot to speed up and facilitate quick access to this mall or arcade.

Iraqi shopping centers: Al-Nakhil Passage

Al-Nakhil is also located in Baghdad and has 3 floors with a ground floor, including a parking lot with 150 cars. It includes shops, exhibitions, restaurants, cinemas, and several entertainment centers, and the first and second floors are operated by Kuzono, LC Waikiki, Shana and Miril along with several Emirati, Turkish, and Jordanian companies, but the third floor includes There are several restaurants and children’s games.

Babylon Mall: Iraq shopping centers

One of the best Iraq shopping centers, Babylon Mall is also located in Baghdad, on a land of 4000 square meters, it is built on 7 floors with an area of ​​3500 square meters on each floor, while the second floor contains various shops and restaurants, and the third floor It includes a coffee shop and the fourth floor has an arcade and a restaurant group, while the fifth floor contains several restaurants and a restaurant group. shops, and the sixth floor contains a half-indoor, half-open restaurant, and the mall is distinguished by a traditional Baghdadi bazaar in addition to a floor selling various children’s accessories.

Iraqi shopping center
Iraqi shopping center

Iraqi shopping centers: Baghdad Mall

This center, which is known as Al-Harithiya Mall, is located in the Al-Harithiya district of Baghdad and is built on an area of ​​80 thousand square meters. This center includes a commercial complex with a height of 4 floors and an area of ​​36 thousand square meters, and includes more than 100 stores include clothing and electronic stores, restaurants and jewelry. The center also includes the 32-story Rayhaan Rotana Hotel, a suite of laboratories, and a 10-story parking garage that can accommodate around 1,000 cars.

Iraq shopping centers: Senshel Mall

Shenshel Mall is one of the most important commercial centers in Basra city. This center is specifically located on Algeria Street, this center also includes an entertainment section. The center contains a collection of shops, restaurants, cafes, and an entertainment area, and you will find international brands for clothing, cosmetics, and jewelry. And it has a large parking lot.

Iraqi shopping center
Iraqi shopping center

Dohuk shopping center

This center is located in the city of Duhok, Iraq, and consists of several different sections, including shops where you can buy a variety of souvenirs or personal items such as clothes, shoes, and food, as well as a section for children’s games and a bowling center. is, and one of the best parts of the mall is the cinema, which is the only cinema in Duhok that shows all current and new movies.

City Star Mall

City Sattar Mall is located in Sulaymaniyah city and consists of four floors, each floor has a collection of different stores, this center offers a collection of local and international clothing brands, it also includes several local and international restaurants, and it The center includes a section for children’s games as well as a game center and bowling alleys, billiards and table tennis, in addition, the center has a variety of services to meet the needs of all visitors.

Majidi Mol

Majdi Mall is one of the best shopping centers in Erbil, which has different types to meet different needs of life. This center includes a large number of famous domestic and international brands of clothes, shoes and hair salons. Also, this center consists of three different floors and includes several local and international restaurants and fast food stores, and also has a lot of parking.

Maxi Mall

Maxi Mall is located in the city of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, and is built on four floors in the Maghrebi style. This center includes different types and stores for selling clothes, food and different products, it also has a large number of international brand stores. You can buy various gifts and souvenirs from here, on the top floor of this center there is also a fast food hall with a variety of food, it also has different play areas for children and a bowling alley.

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