Qeshm tour: Qeshm’s Enchanted Tapestry: A Voyage Through Great Wonders and Cultural Delights

Qeshm tour

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A trip to Qeshm, which shines like a pearl in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf, is one of the most exciting destinations on the southern route of Iran. In this article we examine some interesting places of Qeshm and we talk about Qeshm tour.

Qeshm’s sights are endless and it attracts every kind of taste.

Watching these diverse attractions along with fun activities and delicious local and seafood dishes and local markets of Qeshm will delight you.

In a word, when you walk in Qeshm, you feel like you are in a completely new country. So, if you have never traveled to this beautiful island, book your trip as soon as possible and enjoy exploring this colorful paradise.

But before traveling to Qeshm Island, it is necessary to know the sights of Qeshm in order to plan an exciting and memorable trip with full knowledge.

Of course, don’t worry about staying in this beautiful island, just enter the Jajiga website and rent a villa and suite in Qeshm to have more time to enjoy this colorful island, or rent a tour in Qeshm to experience the pleasure of spending the night and talking with local people.


Where is Qeshm?

Qeshm, with an area of about 1491 square kilometers, located in Hormozgan province, is one of the largest islands in Iran.

This island is located in the south of Bandar Abbas, and in the northeast of it is Hormuz Island, in the east of Qeshm is Lark Island, and in the south of it is Hengam Island.

The closest port to Qeshm Island is Bandar Abbas, which is about 20 km away from Qeshm port (50 minutes by passenger boats).

The people of Qeshm, like all the people of the southern coasts of the country, speak Persian and have a local dialect.

Qeshm tour : Temperature of Qeshm

The air temperature of Qeshm is above 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year and only a short period of the year they turn off the cooling devices on this island.

In the spring season, the weather is almost mild, but as the summer season approaches, the temperature of this island rises little by little and the number of tourists on this island decreases.

In general, it can be said that winter is the best time to visit this beautiful island. Because in this season the weather is very good and in the months of January and February you can experience a temperature of about 16 degrees on this island. However, if someone like warm weather, the summer is also very beautiful, with calm sea.

In the continuation of this article, we will introduce the most important and best places to see in Qeshm.



Qeshm tour : Kharbas cave

Kharbas Cave is one of the most famous sights in Qeshm, dating back to the Medes. This cave is located along the Zagros mountain range and is surrounded by coral hills. Kharbas cave has many rooms, corridors, halls, springs and openings, and at the bottom of its opening there is a pond for storing rainwater, which is filled with water during the rainy days of the year.

Qeshm tour

Qeshm Stars Valley

Star Valley Geopark is considered one of the seven wonders of Qeshm Island, which has been registered globally and you must visit it during your visit to Qeshm.

According to the natives of the region, this valley was formed due to the fall of a star, but scientifically it should be said that the valley of stars was formed due to the gradual erosion of mountains and rocks due to rain and wind.

When the wind blows over these yardang, an eerie sound is created, many locals believe that these are the voices of demons who live in this valley.

For this reason, the park authorities do not allow visitors to the Valley of Stars after sunset.


Valley of statues

Another natural and spectacular place in Qeshm is the Valley of Statues, which were created due to soil erosion and land changes.

Upon entering this valley, a large and endless plain with huge and strange shapes appears in front of your eyes.

The valley of statues, which is located in the south of the mangrove forest, is one of the most beautiful attractions in Qeshm and the best location for nature photography.

Many people confuse the Valley of the Statues with the Valley of the Stars, but the two are very different in general and even in appearance.

Qeshm tour

Qeshm tour : Goran launch making workshop

Watching the process of building a launch up close and taking photos on the deck of the launch is an attractive entertainment that will meet your expectations in Goran village.

launches are actually small ships or large cargo boats that usually are made of wood and move between the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Goran village, which is located on the northern shores of Qeshm Island and 90 km from Qeshm Island, is considered one of the main centers of traditional launch making in Iran.

There are no special conditions for visiting the launch building museum, and you can visit this workshop every day and learn more about the knowledge of launch making, seafaring and fishing.

Qeshm tour

Which touristic places has Qeshm?

In addition to the sights mentioned above, Hormuz Island is also very scenic.

A colorful island full of colored mountains and soils, some of which are edible and used as spices.

When it comes to Hormuz Island, we must mention the red beach, the rainbow valley, the valley of silence and the valley of statues and the Portuguese castle, each of which has unique beauty that can surprise you.

Finally, if you travel to Hormuz in the second half of the year, you will have the chance to see a unique clay carpet that is made by the artists of this region on the coast.

While traveling and going to the next destinations in Hormuz, pay attention to the road because you may be able to see cute little deer running around the road.

when to travel to Qeshm

As mentioned, Qeshm weather gets very hot in summer, and its winter is like spring in other places. Depending on your taste, winter is better if you want mild weather, but summer is also good if you love heat. In summer the sea is calmer and in winter the sea may be cold and stormy.


What are the best hotels in Qeshm?

Eram Qeshm Hotel: the best hotel on the island with cleanliness, respectful services, and a central location to access attractions.

Singo Hotel: a three-star hotel with satisfactory services for shopping travelers. The quality of fast food may be insufficient.

Persian Gulf Beach Hotel: Experience good quality dining in a beach hotel, but far from the city center and limited variety in breakfast.

Arta Hotel: a symbol of hospitality with respectful behavior and a friendly environment, but suggest to improve the variety of breakfast.

Concluding thought

In conclusion, Qeshm Island offers a diverse and captivating array of attractions for visitors. From the mysterious and enchanting Stars Valley, the vibrant underwater world near Hengam Island, to the traditional rock architecture of Kharbas Village, each destination on Qeshm has its unique charm. Whether exploring geological wonders, enjoying delicious local cuisine, or experiencing the warmth of hospitality in charming hotels, Qeshm promises a memorable and enriching travel experience for those seeking a blend of nature, culture, and adventure.

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