Discovering Paradise of Kish Tour: Kish Island’s Enchanting Blend of Sun-Kissed Beaches, Ancient Wonders, and Aquatic Adventures

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Welcome to Kish Island, a mesmerizing destination nestled in the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. Located off the southern coast of Iran, Kish Island is a tropical paradise that beckons travelers with its untouched beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich cultural tapestry. Renowned as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, Kish seamlessly blends natural beauty with historical charm, offering an unforgettable experience for all who visit. In this article, we examine Kish tour places.

Kish Twin Reservoir

Another sight of Kish is the twin reservoir. In the past, this reservoir was used to store and cool water. The presence of windbreaks in the shape of houses in the desert region makes the water cool better.

The two domes that exist side by side in this reservoir have made it called the twin. Going to Kish Tour will take you to a different world from the modern texture of the island. Especially if you have gone to Kish with your children, go to this reservoir so that they can get to know buildings like this.

In addition to the reservoir, one of the other historical attractions of Kish can be mentioned the Jeni Castle. This castle also has various historical sights that are worth seeing.

Abanbar Discovering Paradise of Kish Tour: Kish Island's Enchanting Blend of Sun-Kissed Beaches, Ancient Wonders, and Aquatic Adventures touran travel agency
kish tour

Green tree of Kish

It may be strange, but a tree is also a tourist attraction in Kish. You will find the Kish green tree in the north of the island. The main reason for the popularity of this tree is its long life. Some natives believe that the life of this tree reaches more than 600 years. The sights of the green tree cult. In addition, many people consider the green tree sacred. They believe that this tree provides relief. According to their beliefs and convictions, they involve and wish for this tree. Do not miss seeing this tree! See the tree and imagine the people around it 600 years ago. This feeling is a bit strange and interesting.

green tree of kish
kish tour

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Kish tour: Baghou Kish village

If you want to visit the island more than looking for entertainment in Kish, visit Baghou village. Baghou village has been one of the three main areas of life of native people in Kish. Of course, the other two areas have been abandoned and the native people live only in this village. Sightseeing places in Bago Village Kish. Visiting this village will introduce you to the lifestyle and people there. Of course, only a few families live in this village. But in order to get to know the lifestyle of the people, some black tents are set up in the village and tourists visit them. Baghou village is located in the west of the island and is almost close to Kish airport.


If you are traveling to Kish with children, include a visit to the Dolphin Park in your plan. Dolphin Park or Dolphinarium is one of the most famous sights of Kish Island. The dolphinarium is located in the southeast of the island and in the area of the bird garden. As I said in the previous article, in the saltwater aquarium of this area, apart from dolphins, a number of other species of marine mammals are kept.

But the main reason for the popularity of the dolphin park is the interesting and funny movements and shows of these intelligent animals. Playing dolphins with balls, hoops and drawing is exciting for children and of course adults.

Kish Tour
kish tour

Kish tour: Kish reptile exhibition

In order to discover an account in Kish and get to know all its wonders, visit the reptile exhibition. This exhibition, which is one of the sights of Kish, contains all kinds of reptiles. According to the announcement of the exhibition, there are about a hundred types of reptiles in this exhibition. If you are interested in wildlife, you will encounter the most interesting and exciting types of reptiles in this exhibition. Among these reptiles, pythons, boas and lizards can be mentioned.

When visiting the reptile exhibition, be aware of the recommendations and safety tips.

Kish Tour

Kish Aquarium

Kish Aquarium is one of the attractions of Kish, which is included in the Kish Dolphinarium complex, and its charm has become popular with all tourists. This aquarium with a variety of nearly 70 species of fish and 100 species of reptiles puts a smaller version of the sea in front of you. Kish Big Aquarium includes two aquariums with a volume of 50 and 20 thousand liters, the larger aquarium is for keeping sharks and the smaller aquarium is for displaying colorful small fish.

kish aquarium

Kish Aquarium Among the animals that you will see in Kish Aquarium, you can mention sharks, all kinds of fish, iguana lizards, boa snake, giant two-meter turtles, etc. Another part of the aquarium are taxidermy animals such as snakes, crocodiles, birds, etc., which are worth seeing. If you are interested in the underwater world and for any reason you are not able to dive in the waters of the Persian Gulf, visiting the aquarium will be the best option for you.

kish aquarium

Glider Kish

In Kish tour, we all see the Persian Gulf up close, but the experience of watching the Gulf from the sky, with a little bit of excitement, breaks all the equations. The attractiveness of the blue sea from this point of view is beyond imagination. A glider is a device for flying in the sky that flies with the help of its structure. This entertainment has a relatively high cost compared to other public entertainment.

Glider is an exciting pastime in the Fly Kish collection, requiring initial training, which is usually accompanied by expert instructors in this short flight so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery the most, so open the wings of your inner bird safely. Among other entertainments of Kish in this field, we can mention paraglider, gyrocopter, etc.

Deer Park, Kish

Deer Park is one of the must-see places in Kish tour. If you look at the map of Kish, you will find this garden in the north of the island. Deer Park is actually a zoo with several animal species. Animals such as lion, jackal, fox and monkey are kept in this park.

But what makes this park special is the free movement of deer. In this park, the deer are not in cages, but they go freely around the area. Undoubtedly, children will enjoy watching these scenes.

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Mirmahna beach park

Mirmahna Beach Park is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kish. The beach of Mirmahna Park stretches from Khatam-ul-Anbiya Mosque to Jask Square. Watching the sunrise and sunset from this point of the island is a unique experience. This pier was built in 2005.

The presence of a fishing pier in this coastal park divides it into two parts, phase one and phase two. Phase one of Mirmahna Beach Park with an area of about 41,000 square meters has facilities such as a beach prayer hall, Arab market, public library, fishmonger’s market, buffet, bicycle path, etc.

The second phase of Mirmahna Beach Park is much bigger than the first phase and is still being completed. This phase has two playgrounds for children. This space will help you to enjoy walking on the beautiful beach without getting bored with the children.

Silver beaches of Kish

As it is clear from its dreamy name, the beaches of Kish’s Silver are among the most attractive places to visit in Kish. Because of its structure, the coral island of Kish captures the hearts of all tourists with its silvery color. Kish is the island of dreamy beaches, you should try to use every moment of your stay on this island.

The sea on the shores of Silver Kish is so clean and clear that you can easily see the bottom of the sea. The clarity of the sea water and the beautiful colorful fishes will entertain you for hours at Kish Silver Beach.

Discovering Paradise of Kish Tour: Kish Island's Enchanting Blend of Sun-Kissed Beaches, Ancient Wonders, and Aquatic Adventures touran travel agency
kish tour

Concluding thought of Kish tour

In conclusion, Kish tour unfolds as a captivating destination where the Green Tree of Kish, standing proudly in the north, holds tales of a 600-year lifespan, surrounded by a sense of reverence. Explore Baghou Village in the west, a living relic of native life with black tents showcasing traditional island living. The Dolphinarium in the southeast offers joyous dolphin shows, while the Kish Reptile Exhibition introduces over a hundred reptile species. Immerse yourself in the underwater world at Kish Aquarium, featuring sharks and vibrant fish. For a thrilling aerial perspective, Glider Kish takes you to new heights, offering a breathtaking view of the Persian Gulf. Kish Island invites you to a harmonious symphony of experiences, blending history, nature, and entertainment in this Persian Gulf gem.

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