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kadhimiya travel guide

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Kadhimiyah travel guide shows you the path to see the best places of city and have a spiritual experience which is memorable. The country of Iraq is one of the most important regions for the Shias of the world, where several imams are buried in its soil, these imams are of special importance to the Shias, and every year millions of Muslims choose the country of Iraq to visit the shrines of these noble imams. In this article, we are going to talk about two very holy places in Iraq, the cities of Kadhimiya and Samarra, and tell you the tips about traveling to them. So, if you are traveling to Karbala soon or if you are interested in important religious places of the world, and you want to know more about Kadhimiya travel guide follow us until the end of this article.

kadhimiyah travel guide
Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Kadhimiya: Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Kadhimiya is the name of a neighborhood on the western side of the Tigris River and in the north of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. This area is considered one of the important Shia areas because two of the Shia imams are buried there. In addition to this proximity to the capital, being next to the Tigris river and having fertile lands, Kadhimiya is considered one of the most advanced and important places in Iraq.

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Kadhimiya Shrine: Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Kadhimiya Shrine is the burial place of 2 of the noble Shia imams, Hazrat Imam Musa Kazim (AS) the seventh Imam and Hazrat Imam Javad (AS) the ninth Imam of Shias, this place is one of the important religious places of the Shia world, which is visited by millions of people every year. In addition to these two imams, other important people have been buried in this place over the years, which has increased its importance. The area of the Kadhimiya Shrine is 14,514 square meters, which with the buildings added to it reaches about 26,000 square meters.

The reason for naming Kadhimiya: Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Kazemin has long been the focus of various kings, they had built a resort in this place and a cemetery for their dead called Quraish Tombs, when Imam Kazem was martyred, they buried his body in the Quraish Tombs, a few years later, with Imam Javad’s martyrdom was also buried in this cemetery and its name was changed to Kadhimiya or Javadin because of these two imams. Kadhimain means two Kadhims.

The history of Kadhimiya Shrine

As mentioned, the bodies of the 7th and 9th Imams were buried in the Quraysh tombs cemetery. According to the available documents, the first court was built for this shrine in the form of a room with a dome during the time of Mamun Abbasi. After that, in the period of Al Boyeh, this place was renovated and new parts were added to it. The first magnificent court was built in the year 336 AH by the order of Moez al-Dawlah Daylami on the grave of these two nobles, he built a dome and a shrine made of Saroj wood for the shrine. After that, the shrine was damaged many times due to various reasons, including flood, war and fire, and it was restored many times by the order of different people such as Azad al-Dawlah Deilmi, Majdul Mulk Abulfazl Bravstani, Sultan Owais Jalayri, etc. The present building was built after the fall of the Baath regime by the reconstruction headquarters of Atbat Aliayat and was equipped with various and suitable parts.

kadhimiyah travel guide
Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Different parts of Kadhimiya shrine: Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

The Kadhimiya shrine consists of different parts, which we will explain each one below:

Entry and exit doors: Kadhimiya Shrine has 10 doors for entry and exit, verses from the Quran and poems praising God and describing the imams can be seen above these doors. These doors are: Bab al-Quraish, Bab al-Jawahriyyeh, Bab Sahib al-Zaman, Bab al-Safi, Bab al-Maghfirah, Bab al-Rahma, Bab al-Raja, Bab al-Farhadiya, Bab al-Qibla, and Bab al-Murad.

Main courtyard: Kadhimiya shrine has a main courtyard, which is one of the largest among the shrines, it is a rectangular courtyard with a length of 370 meters and a width of 350 meters, which is closed on 3 sides and has a way to the Jame Safavi mosque only from the north side.

Porticos: The number of porticoes in the Kadhimiya shrine is 4, the wall of these porticoes is half covered with marble and the rest is mirrored. The northern portico which leads from the south to the shrine and from the north to the Safavid mosque, the southern portico which leads from the north to the shrine and from the south to Bab al-Qibla, the western portico which is located in the east of the shrine and because of the burial of Khwaja Nasir al-Din Tusi in it The portico of Khwaja Nasir is also famous, and the eastern portico, which is located in the west of the shrine.

Shrine: The shrine that exists today in the Kadhimiya Shrine was donated to Astan by Mrs. Sultan Begum, the daughter of Moshir al-Mulk Shirazi. The length of this shrine is 7 meters, its width is 5 meters, and its height is 5.3 meters. It was made of 250 thousand shekels of silver. Used.

The chest on the graves: In 926 AH, Shah Ismail Safavi donated 2 chests for the graves of the shrine of Kazim to this threshold. On which the verses of the Quran are written. The chest of Imam Javad (AS) is bigger and more beautiful than the other chest, and there are more wooden and silver decorations on it.

Dome and Minarets of Kadhimiya shrine

Minarets: Kadhimiya Shrine has 4 minarets located in the 4 corners of the shrine and their height is 5 meters.

Dome: Kadhimiya Shrine has 2 domes, one was built during the Ilkhanate and the other during the Al Boyeh period. Shah Ismail first covered these domes with tiles and then with gold, and finally Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar covered them completely with gold. The height of the domes from the bottom to the tip of the dome is 29 meters and their interior is decorated with mirror work and gilding.

Kadhimiyah Travel Guide
Kadhimiyah Travel Guide

Famous people buried in Kadhimiya Shrine

Many famous people are buried in the Kadhimiya shrine, among them Khwaja Nasir al-Din Tosi, Farhad Mirza, the uncle of Nasir al-Din Shah, Sheikh Mofid, Moez al-Dawlah Ya Deilmi, Abdullah and Aun from the children of Hazrat Ali, Seyyed Razi, Ibn Qolwieh and many other famous people. Another pointed out.

Places near Kadhimiya shrine

Among the important places near the Kadhimiya Shrine, we can mention the beautiful Safavid Jame Mosque, which was built by the order of Shah Ismail, Al-Atiqah Mosque or Al-Mantiqah, Baratha Mosque, which was the place where Hazrat Ali (AS) prayed after the Battle of Nahrwan, etc.

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