Iraq souvenirs you should not miss

Iraq souvenirs

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Iraq souvenirs include leather, plant textiles, and many other interesting souvenirs which you will find in this article.

Iraq souvenirs

Dates are the most important Iraq souvenirs

Dates are one of the most important and famous Iraq souvenirs. Iraqi dates are divided into three types: dry, wet and sticky. Each of these types of dates has its own unique taste and can be a great gift for any taste.

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Mohr and misbaha: Iraq souvenirs

Other souvenirs that are famously remembered from Iraq are the Mohr, misbaha and Torbat of Karbala. Undoubtedly, Karbala turbat and seal and rosary are among the most important souvenirs of this city. Shiites all over the world consider the soil of Karbala as holy, and for this reason, they use the soil of Torbat as a sign of blessing and use the seal to perform prayers. It is mentioned as one of the verses of Imam Sadiq (a.s.): “Prostration on the Torbat of Hussain removes the seven veils.”

In the field of souvenirs related to religion and spirituality, prayer rug is also among the most popular items. In Karbala, different types of prayer rug with different designs and colors are offered. These prayer rug can also be a great souvenir of this spiritual journey due to their beauty, reasonable price and spiritual value.

Leather is the best Iraq souvenirs

Leather products, especially bags, are among the famous and attractive souvenirs of the cities of Karbala and Najaf. These bags are produced in hand, shoulder and large types and are made of high quality leather and acceptable material.

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Incense burner

In the homes of many Iraqis, there is an incense burner or an essential oil burner, which is used to create a pleasant smell and warm the atmosphere. This traditional device burns powders obtained from aromatic plants and seeds and emits a pleasant smell in the air.

the ring

Silver rings with gemstones are popular Iraq souvenirs, especially in Iraqi cities such as Najaf. Precious stones, especially in Najaf, which is known among the people of the world, are of great interest. Rings with silver stirrups and gems made of precious stones such as agate and pearle are available in many Iraqi stores, and those interested can choose any of the various models of these rings.

Iraq souvenirs

Arabic shirt

Dishdashah is one of the traditional clothes of Iraqi men, which is common in some southern cities of this country. This dress is a long shirt that is made of cool fabrics and reaches to the ankle.

Iraq souvenirs

Iraqi fabrics as Iraq souvenirs

In the cities of Karbala and Najaf, there are many fabric shops where you can find high quality fabrics at reasonable prices. Pilgrims are especially interested in the tent cloths of these cities, especially the colored tents, and buy these cloths as Iraq souvenirs.

Iraq souvenirs

Sweets and baklava as Iraq souvenirs

Iraqi sweets are very famous and tasty, especially baklava, which is one of the most famous Iraqi sweets. These sweets are often prepared using ingredients such as dates, cinnamon and ginger. Dehin is another Iraqi sweet.

Iraq souvenirs

copper dishes

In some Iraqi handicraft stores, copper or brass containers with gold and silver colors are sold. These dishes are considered popular Iraq souvenirs among pilgrims of religious cities in Iraq.

In the Iraqi language, copper and brass equipment and items made of these two alloys are known as “Al-Safar”. This word is one of the common terms in Iraq that refers to equipment and tools made of copper and brass. History also shows that the copper industry was created from the Babylonian and Assyrian era, and some of the tools belonging to that era show the history of this industry well. The prosperity of this industry dates back to the 13th century in the city of Mosul. If you have the slightest visit to the markets of Baghdad and Karbala, you will see that copper and brass dishes are seen in abundance in these markets.

Iraq souvenirs
Iraq souvenirs

Wooden mosaic

Metal and wooden mosaics are among the valuable Iraq souvenirs, which are offered in various stores in the cities of Karbala and Najaf. These mosaics, which are made of wood or metal, are decorated with beautiful and diverse carvings and are among the shopping attractions in these cities. Handicraft stores on Al-Mutanbi Street are among the reliable places to buy these mosaics.

Iraq souvenirs

Dallah (Arabic coffee pot)

Yes, coffee pot or Dallah are also one of the famous Iraq souvenirs. A coffee pot is a traditional container used to prepare and enjoy coffee. This container is often made of metal and has various designs and ornaments that depict Iraqi cultural and religious symbols.

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Iraqi jewel

It is mentioned in many sources that Arabs were the earliest discoverers of chemistry and this science was used for the first time by the Arab chemist, Khaled bin Zayd bin Muawiya. Throughout historical records, many people who traveled to Mesopotamia have provided information about the jewelry industry in Baghdad. It has been said that in this city, there were many efficient jewelers from the Sa’iba sect, and a large part of the jewelry market was covered by them.

Due to the close relationship of jewelers with gold dealers, the ways of making and adorning gold, which usually included animal and plant motifs, influenced their designs. This type of motifs can also be seen in ancient works such as Al-Nakhleh and Lion of Babylon.

In the jewelry industry, the enameling technique is used to make a variety of products such as earrings, rings, knives and forks, head clips, ties, bracelets and necklaces. Baghdad, Kadhimiya, Amara and Mosul are among the important centers of the jewelry industry in Iraq.

Plant textiles

Plant textiles go back to ancient times, with a much older history than the pottery industry. Examples of this industry have been discovered in the city of Ur, and the historian Strabo mentions the importance of the palm tree as one of the main sources of textiles. This tree is known as one of the main sources of textile materials and provided all the needs of the Babylonians except for edible seeds.

Iraq souvenirs
Iraq souvenirs

The presence of a large number of palm trees in Iraq has made this profession a prominent place in Iraqi handicrafts. In this industry, items such as fans, baskets, baskets, wicker houses, chairs and water vehicles are made. The northern regions of this country also use wheat and barley stalks to make bags, baskets and decorative items due to diverse geographical and climatic conditions. Anbar, Kirkuk and Nineveh provinces are among the areas where this industry is popular.

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