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You may not imagine the sight of cheetahs roaming the deserts of Riyadh, but your visit to Nova Safari will surprise you with what you did not expect to see! In this article we delve into touristic activity in Saudi Arabia.

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Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

The resort is characterized by a breathtaking design, inspired by the style of cottages, and surrounded by a wonderful world of wildlife, which will take you on a trip to the deserts of Africa without going beyond the sands of the Arabian Peninsula! Although it was opened recently to all visitors – visits were limited to advance reservations – it quickly became an exceptional tourist destination for spending a beautiful morning. So, here we will review the most prominent places and features of Safari Nova and touristic activity in Saudi Arabia which you can carry out there.

Book a wildlife tour: touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Safari Nova appears to the visitor’s eye as a world filled with tranquility and embraced by the calm that separates the noise of Riyadh and the crowded streets. Here, the plains are adorned with the sight of giraffes, oryx and ostriches roaming its sand dunes and roaming its golden deserts, as the resort includes more than 700 animals surrounding its visitors on their exploratory tours, accompanied by tour guides on open-top cars to see antelopes, hippopotamuses and wild animals up close, and do not miss seeing Zebras roaming the shaded pastures or inside the reserves, as the resort creates a stimulating environment to protect the animal environment in the region by including a number of endangered animals and provides an incubating environment for the reproduction of wild animals, as the resort has witnessed the birth of eight giraffes since its opening.

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Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Explore the Wildlife Centre: touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Do not miss visiting the Wildlife Center on your trip to Nova Safari, to see a variety of authentic and exotic animals, such as hawks, owls, reptiles, gerbils and other wild animals. However, the most prominent thing that will attract your attention and the touristic activity in Saudi Arabia that you can do and take your breath away is watching the cheetahs, which will enchant your senses with their beauty and capture your heart with their grace. It is a few steps away from you.

Extend your stay: touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Do not miss staying in one of the resort’s luxurious cottages or villas, which are distinguished by their secluded suites and thatched roofs with a charming artistic touch that expresses the creativity of handcrafts and the beauty of African design decorated with bright colors, wall arts, and breathtaking sculptures. Watch the sun’s rays disappear behind the desert dunes from your private garden or swimming pool, and do not miss a visit to one of the hotel restaurants for a delicious and delicious meal.

Safari Nova also includes an equestrian resort consisting of 232 stables, in addition to an 18-hole golf course surrounded by desert gardens and surrounded by wildlife, creating a distinctive daytime destination. The resort hosts an annual horse race and a number of show jumping competitions, in addition to providing various horse riding activities for its guests. So, riding in desert is another touristic activity in Saudi Arabia one can do.

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Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Climb to Mount Qara: Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

The meanings of the names of the areas adjacent to Mount Al-Qarah become clear to the visitor when he reaches the top of this limestone plateau with charming views. The name of Al-Ahsa – the name of the governorate – is inspired by the sound of passing water, while Al-Hofuf – the main city in the region – is “the city of the yellow wind.” During his ascent to the top of the mountain, the visitor will also hear the sound of the yellow wind as he draws his attention to the green areas resulting from the troughs of water for which Al-Ahsa is famous.

climbing Mount Qara is a touristic activity in Saudi Arabia that is a mixture of physical exercise and watching breath-taking landscape. But the purpose of climbing to Mount Al-Qarah is not only to experience the hot and humid winds. What will amaze you when you reach the summit is to see the largest oasis in the world, and a source of life that played an essential role in the growth of Al-Ahsa throughout the ages.

Climb to the top: Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

Al Qara village is located 25 km east of the city of Hofuf, towards Al Ahsa National Park, but you will be able to see the mountain from afar before you arrive. The height of the mountain is 75 meters above street level and 205 meters above sea level, but you will not need to make a great effort to climb to the top and enjoy stunning views of Al-Ahsa.

Climbing to the top of the mountain from any side requires extreme caution, so it is advisable to have an experienced person who can lead the way safely and guide you to paths that most people do not know. You can also ask the park staff about the best way to the summit.

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Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

View of Al-Ahsa Oasis

From the top of the mountain you will see an emerald-colored oasis extending over 160 square kilometers surrounded by desert sands. It contains most of the palm trees in the governorate, whose number is estimated at about three million palm trees. When you see this amazing view, you will discover how the villages located near the mountain were able to sustain life throughout the ages.

The palm trees, their fruits, and the natural reservoirs of fresh water flowing under the oasis are what allowed Al-Ahsa to host advanced civilizations since the pre-Islamic period. In the oldest settlements of the Arabian Peninsula, traces dating back to about 5000 years BC were also found.

The secret of human survival over the centuries is the way it interacts with the surrounding environment. Man has learned to work with nature instead of fighting it. In addition to producing 5 tons of the finest Khalas dates every day, these palm trees form a natural barrier that protects homes and farms from dust storms.

Exploring caves

Jabal Al-Qarah is located on the eastern edge of the Shedqum Plateau, which connects Kuwait and Iraq to the north and the Empty Quarter to the south. Its network of curves and caverns resulted from what is called aerobic weathering, where the shape of the rock changes due to rain and rivers and not due to groundwater, resulting in the strange mushroom-like shape of the rocks, narrow passages, and caverns.

While walking between the mountain’s narrow canyons and corners, children may notice shapes resembling human faces on the walls of the caves, as is the case with cumulus clouds, which makes it an enjoyable game opportunity for adults and children alike.

The caves are characterized by a moderate atmosphere resulting from their high walls of cold limestone and the light breeze that enters from the outside. This is what makes it cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and is also the reason for its popularity as a tourist destination all year round, in addition to being an ideal place to observe birds such as the hoopoe, the warbird, the nightingale, and the bulbul during the migration season.

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Adventurous touristic activity in Saudi Arabia

 Museum and services

Recently, lighting and a pedestrian bridge were installed to make visiting the caves comfortable for all park guests, while the “Land of Civilizations” museum narrates the region’s ancient history. Among the legendary stories presented is the story of the role of Mount Al-Qara in the lives of the Dilmun kings and the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). Outside the museum there are a number of carved structures that tell the history of civilizations, starting with the story of the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him). The museum also provides a lot of information about Al-Ahsa’s achievements in the field of agriculture and irrigation.

The park has a mosque, a café, and a gift shop, and wheelchair access is possible in many places. The complex is open from 8am to 9pm on weekdays, and from 8am to 10pm on weekends. Entrance price is 50 Saudi riyals (approximately 13.32 US dollars).

Despite the mild weather inside the caves, the shaded areas in the park are limited, so visitors are advised to bring sunglasses. The rock reflects the sunlight, creating a white halo around the mountain that adds to its charm.

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